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Thread: phpmyadmin causes Apache to crash

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    phpmyadmin causes Apache to crash

    Apache 2.2.11
    PHP 5.2.9-2
    mysql 5.1.34
    Windows Vista 32

    Every time I so much as try to log in through phpmyadmin, a window pops up saying Apache has crashed. Sometimes it will work fine, others Apache crashes and the page doesn't respond.

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    phpmyadmin - Apache "crashes" while logging in

    So I've got phpmyadmin "working". Or at least it was, so apparently it's random. I can't log in much at all. I was able to earlier, but I can't again.

    I was working on fixing all of the "error messages" that phpmyadmin notifies you about, for example DLL files being different versions. I got all that fixed and phpmyadmin no longer had yellow boxes letting me know there were things to fix.

    Now if I try to log in with phpmyadmin, I can't login. A window is appearing in Windows Vista saying that Apache has crashed, but it hasn't. The service is still running. Though if I get this crash message, I don't get logged in. The page just doesn't respond.

    I just installed Apache, PHP, mysql and phpmyadmin today, so all of these are up to date. I've had problems right off the bat though. A lot of it was getting configurations right, but I had to find which DLL's were different versions and fix those earlier.

    Tried researching this problem on Google and I've damn near read through every single page I can find that mentions it. Nothing seems to work.

    phpmyadmin has connected to my database before. It just randomly decides to crash and fail to allow me to get past logging in. I don't get it.

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    how are you starting apache? what if you open it in just a command window to start, then run the scripts to see what the full output is? can you post the full result of the logs? i'm moving this to server management, has nothing to do with sql...
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    i've exactly the same crash here.
    Cant even login. A crash window pop up.

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