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Thread: Navigation, from tables to CSS - help needed

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    Navigation, from tables to CSS - help needed

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to replace a table based navigation with CSS but I'm having problems duplicating the same effect with CSS.

    Here's what I've managed so far:


    The table based design is really flexible and doesn't break and I'm struggling to get the same effect using CSS. Do you think it's possible to achieve the same effect? Over 1200px both look very similar, it's when they go below that is what I'm trying to duplicate. It seems the table based design is a lot more flexible as the padding between each link looks dynamic and adapts to the resize.

    Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated !

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    I actually think it has to do with the CSS code.
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    I need to be able to adjust the padding using percentages but I can't figure out how.

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