I want to design a system such that:

I will get a set of words and its position on the client side screen from server and then I want to show each words on the client side screen on the specied positions, So basically I need this few jobs to be done:

From server side: I will get few words in the range of 30-50
On the client side: I want to draw each word at a speciefied position and rotation which may be followed by drawing of lines on the same screen with given two points.

My QnS:

1. Do I need to go for Web Application or browser based application?
(I'll prefer browser based, if you suggest the same kindly give the techniques used for wikimapia). Give the parameters influencing such decisions.
2. What technologies I must use in server side and client side for the best in its performance and appearence too. is it better to use PHP in the server side? as I am familiar with PHP.