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Thread: HR Spacing

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    HR Spacing

    In firefox i've managed to get a horizontal rule to look just the way i want it to but in IE its a different matter. For a start it is showing a black that is too dark in shade whereas in firefox its fine and also the spacing between the text and the line is different (in IE it has a greater distance). How can i solve this?

    hr {
      background: #CCCCCC;
      height: 0.5px;
      border: 0;
      margin-top: 12px;
      margin-left: -12px;

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    The easiest way to get this cross-browser compatible is to create a div and make it look like a HR. You can do so by defining a top- and bottom-border with a different colour.
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    Right ok so is there no way to get a HR element to look the same in all browsers? I thought there was like a setting or something that had to be reset.

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