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Thread: Invoking a click event

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    Exclamation Invoking a click event

    Hi all,

    Just so you know, I'm not very competent in JavaScript. With that being said, I have a slideshow module that displays the main image as well as the thumbnails on the side. It automatically cycles through the main image but the thumbnails don't scroll with it. I'd like it to. I found the code that adds the "click" event to the arrow to make the thumbnails scroll and I found the code that is run every time the main image is changed. Is there a way to just stick a line of code in there that will invoke the click event?

    Here's the code that adds the click event to the button...
    $E('.gk_ni_6_tabsbar_down', mainwrap).addEvent("click",function(){				
         if((scrollValue < (scrollableAreaH-scrollAreaH))) { scroller_down.scrollTo(0, scrollValue+$offset); }
    I was thinking I could just stick something like this in for every time the picture changes but no such luck:
    document.getElementById($E('.gk_ni_6_tabsbar_down', mainwrap)).click();
    Am I even on the right track? Is this doable?

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    Applied to onblur, but the principle is the same: http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/sh...d.php?t=209423
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