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Thread: different versions of jquery

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    different versions of jquery

    I've been trying to learn more ajax by downloading current samples

    now my issue is if I want to put more then one on the same page but they use different versions of jquery.
    I noticed it doesn't work to include both versions and both scripts don't work with the later version.

    what do you do?

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    Jquery Versions

    Pretty much an issue of looking through the documentation on the updated versions and comparing the differences, changing code as necessary. I am assuming you're using plug-ins, which if they are written for a certain version you should be able to pick up the differences. The key with JQuery is understanding how to manipulate the code and write it yourself. Using code that is pre-written for a certain version will leave you reaching for answers on a website such as this when changes arise, AND THEY WILL... Jquery docs is probably your best resource, but if you don't understand it, you're going to have a rough go of customizing plug-ins for use in different environments.

    Basic Jquery bible... http://visualjquery.com

    If you understand DOM relationships, it should be cake from here on out...

    -- Znebula

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