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'urlRoot' => '' did the trick. (I'm using XAMPP and my files go in the htdocs folder. so it was ending up looking in localhost/localhost/ directory).

Thanks for your help!

I have another issue I'm trying to get to the bottom of. I am using Tabs from http://flowplayer.org (jquery.tools.js) and it looks like the ui javascript (jquery-ui-1.8rc2.custom.min.js) is breaking my Tabs.

I use jQuery's noConflict function which keeps the Tabs & your uploading script from conflicting as long as I don't load the ui javascript. However, I lose the dialog box and progress bar without the ui javascript.

Any ideas on how to work around this? Maybe a more recent version of the ui js? If I only need 1 or 2 modules from the ui javascript and they aren't the issue, maybe I could just load those modules instead of the entire jquery-ui-1.8rc2.custom.min.js. What do you think?
The 'localhost/' path is relative and was being appending to the root one, 'http://localhost'. That's why I suggested a path from the root (with a preceding slash), '/localhost/', or a complete path, 'http://localhost/'. But if it works for you with an empty path, keep it so.

Sorry, I don't know where might be the conflict between jQuery UI and the plugin you are using. You'll need to isolate the conflict code and analyse where the problem is. You have to dive into the code and do the trick by commenting single code lines that you think might be causing the conflict. Good luck!