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Thread: flashing tbale border in FileFox

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    resolved flashing tbale border in FileFox

    I tried to get a flashing table bordr, it worked OK in IE 6 but NOT if FF.
    I found the the problem is:
    FF can WRITE getElementById but it CAN NOT READ IT
    so I found an "Elegant" way to bypass it by creating a dummy color variable: col
    the table is:
    <table border="0" id="table" style="border: 4px blue solid;">

    <script language="javascript">
    var col = 'blue'
    function flasher() {
    if(col == 'blue') {
    document.getElementById('table').style.borderColor = 'red'
    col = 'red'
    } else {
    document.getElementById('table').style.borderColor = 'blue'
    col = 'blue'
    setTimeout("flasher()" , 1000)
    <script language="javascript">flasher();</script>

    It works in both IE6 and FF 3.
    see a demo: www.the-secret-of-SEO.com

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    Firstly, that's got nothing to do with FF's use of getElementById, it's because first time FF calls that function the style is not stored on the element, it's in a style attribute, which for some reason it treats differently. Where you have:

    [code]col = blue;[/col]


    document.getElementById('table').style.borderColor = 'blue'
    Then your original IE code should work on FF too. Or, better yet, do:

    var elStyle = document.getElementById('table').style;
    elStyle.borderColor = 'blue';
    Saves a lot of time in subsequent uses if you use that variable instead.

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