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Thread: Simple question regarding IE7 unable to select any Form Input Fields

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    Simple question regarding IE7 unable to select any Form Input Fields

    When attempting to check compatibility of the website I'm currently working on: (http://leiterrealty.com/) I consistently have issues with IE7. The CSS design doesn't really bother me that much because I've managed to fix the glaring issues - however, something I can't overlook is the inability to fill in any of the forms located on the site.

    Now I thought that this was something on my end, but after visiting site after site with forms that contain input fields, I learned that I could not select any of them. No matter how often I clicked, nothing would happen, I was completely unable to enter any characters into any Form Input Fields through IE7.

    Is this some sort of common problem? Do I have some setting set wrong? Or is the standalone version of my IE7 working incorrectly (from: http://tredosoft.com/IE7_standalone)? This would really be a bummer because it took me a little while to figure out how to deal with checking how both IE7 and IE8 would look.

    I realize this isn't a personal coding issue per se, but I've spent several hours trying to find the root of my problem and was unable to find an answer anywhere.

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    If it's a problem on any site then the standalone is not working correctly.
    Try this version: http://finalbuilds.edskes.net/iecollection.htm
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