First off, one thing I'm learning is that a lot of back and neck pain is stress related. I'm a pretty anxious person in general so that sucks. I'm already doing certain things to control anxiety though, and that's probably more an issue for health professionals than a computer forum.

As to what you guys / girls might be able to help me with. Essentially I've had back and neck pain for years but recently it has gotten incredibly bad. Like, "I might not be able to stay in this field longterm if I don't find a solution" type bad. Which is a scary thought because I don't have many other skills I could make a career out of.

It seems ergonomic chairs can help out a lot with back and neck pain? Has anyone gotten any real relief from this? They seem pretty expensive to just buy one to try it out, but at this point I feel like I'm comparing the cost of a chair to like... the cost of the future of my career. In that respect it seems worth trying it out.

One thing though, I'm 6'4 so I generally can't just walk into a store and find something that fits me. I'm not even sure how to figure out how to find a chair specifically suited to my body, and if it's an expensive chair I want to make damn sure it suits me specifically.

Anyone have any ideas?