Hi Folks

I have written a system called jswapl in JavaScript that delivers dynamic content to browsers, just like JSP, PHP, ASP etc do. Except jswapl runs inside the browser, not on the server. It also uses static templates with embedded markup, but these templates are 100% standards compliant HTML pages and they are delivered unchanged to the browser. The required dynamic data is sent to the browser in JSON format, where jswapl injects this dynamic content into the static template. Since the templates are static, the browser and HTTP proxy servers will cache them and they will be seldom fetched.

Big pages usually have repeating sections in them, like rows in a table. Only one copy of each repeating section need be present in a jswapl template, it loops the section as many times as needed by the dynamic data.

Conventional web app frameworks like PHP do all this work on the server and deliver complete pages to the browser, even if only 5% of the page is dynamic. jswapl can reduce bandwidth usage by 90%, speeding up content delivery and reducing server workload. It's like cloud computing, the browsers provide the processor power and their users don't mind because they get to see the content quicker.

See http://jswapl.net

- Trevor Turton