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Thread: online spreadsheet/timesheet

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    online spreadsheet/timesheet

    I am trying to convert an excel timesheet into a web tool.

    I am trying to figure out how to structure it. Can javascript create user-input fields that are different from form input fields?

    Any idea how to build something like this (in the abstract). I have never done anything like it before and unsure where to start.

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    Building a web page which looks a lot like an Excel sheet is fairly easy if you can specify ahead of time how many columns and rows.

    Getting it to calculate cell values based on changes in other cell values takes a bit of work.

    Saving results to the user's local disk in anything other than Internet Explorer is nearly impossible. Saving the results to a server requires a program on the server to catch and save it, and eventually send it back for another pass.

    What, specifically, would you like?

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