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Thread: Disable shorcut menu

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    Disable shorcut menu

    Hi everybody!

    I remember seeing a script that either disables the shortcut menu that appears when you rightclick the mouse, or that assigns the commands you want to appear. Any one can direct me to it. I have been looking and looking for the specs on how to create one or a place where I can find it.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    TinyMCE has a custom right click menu, but bear in mind that unless you're doing something useful, like adding a new menu in certain areas, it's likely to just annoy people now and will be very simple to get round if they do want to right click. Very few sites disable it, and no reputable ones do, because, frankly, it's tacky - the only scripts I could find on a quick search were for IE4!

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    Unless you have an excellent reason for doing so, avoid disabling anything that the user may rely on. Interfering with the user is one guaranteed way to get rid of them as fast as possible. So, if you have a specific need to disable it, talk about the need, and there may be a way to find a better way to solve the problem.

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