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Thread: Permitting file downloads from my website

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    Permitting file downloads from my website

    I have an Ada code file on my website that I wish visitors to be able to save to their own machines.

    I expected this to work:
    <A HREF="ftp://./ada/functions.adb">Functions.adb</A>
    but it doesn't.

    It probably sounds pretty simple - but then, so am I - but I can't see what's wrong.

    All help appreciated.

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    Doesn't work how? As in the file isn't served?

    Just use http protocol. The browser will see it as an unknown filetype and give the "open/save/cancel" option. (as long as this is acceptable).

    e.g: href="ada/functions.adb" should work fine.


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    Are you running this web page from your C drive (or any other drive) by any chance?

    If you open the file on your own computer (unless you are using a webserver) it will simply open the ADB file with the appropriate program, since you don't actually need to download anything (it's already on your computer!). If you were to upload it to a webserver though and click the link to it again, you would get a download box.

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    Thanks folks

    The http thing works a treat.

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