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Thread: ftp problems with non-PASV server

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    ftp problems with non-PASV server

    hi there,

    i am trying to connect to a server, which i am told does not support PASV. using AceFTP with the PASV mode turned off, i get a 425 "can't open data connection" message at the last stage. i have already tried to connect with and without PASV mode, and also with my personal firewall disabled and enabled.
    i can connect to other ftp servers no problem, but they all support PASV.
    my mates have tried connecting to the server in question, and they have no problems.

    does this sound familiar to anyone else?
    incase it helps, i'm using windows xp pro, with adsl connection.

    i must be doing SOMETHING wrong, but what?
    please help.
    thanks in advance,

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    i sometime get this warning connecting to one of my clients ftp site, although it normally occurs when try to upload and replace or d/l and replace a file that is in use. I usually use Cute FTP pro. Have you tryed connecting just using your browser?

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    when i read your reply, i tried browsing to the IP address of the server, and there is a website there - but as the server isn't a hosting company there are no links or help tips, or indeed anything relating to webhosting or ftp-ing.
    thanks for the suggestion anyway.
    since i posted my first message, a friend told me it could have something to do with the fact that i'm on a cable modem connection - does that sound possible?

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