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Thread: Creating a local form and posting to Excel

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    Question Creating a local form and posting to Excel

    I am a newbie so please take it easy on me. I have been searching these post for days and I can not find the answer to this.

    I am a trainer and I have recieved several dozen feedback forms that have 100+/- questions on it. I have to take each form and place it as a seperate record (row) in MS Excel.

    I would like to create a form in Dreamweaver that contains text boxs that I can populate from the hard copies of the forms.

    At the bottom of this "web" form, I would like to have a "submit" button that when clicked, takes all of the data that I entered in the form and writes it across a new row in MS Excel.

    This form will not be hosted anywhere. It will reside on my desktop and the excel spreadsheet will be in a folder there as well.


    I dont think this is a hard task but everything I read uses PHP or ASP.NET and neither of these will work (I think)

    Any ideas?

    Any freelance people out here?

    Thank you,

    George C Metz

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    Seeing how you have hard copies of the forms, it seems a bit ridiculous to type the responses from your forms into a custom built piece of software that will place them in an excel sheet....wouldn't it be easier to just type the responses directly into an excel sheet??

    It would make sense if you were moving your whole feedback system to a computer so you wouldn't need hard copies anymore, otherwise, it's just extra work for no reason to come up with some software.
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