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    Question HELP.... PHP and XML


    I do have php scripts that will convert php to array . You could do this the easier way using php5 dom document. What if the server support below php5. Is this sciprt is the convinient way to go? Please advise

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    anybody? help??

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    Does the code you linked to work and do what you want it to do? If so, then what's the question? If not, you could look into something like the PEAR XML_Serializer package (using its unserializer capability).

    With regards to running on a less-than-PHP5 server: why? There is really no longer any good reason to not be running PHP5, especially since PHP4 is no longer supported at all, including security patches; and there are plenty of hosts out there with PHP5 support.
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    Yes, i tried to convince my client to move their server from php4 to php5 and they haven't responded to that yet.

    That script works, I'm just wondering if there is a simpler code to do this. because it was not convenient at all when you add, edit, or delete item from it.

    Thanks I will try that XML_serializer.

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    using cURL PHP multithreading website development
    If you want get some information from servers you are always use the protocols like http or ftp in PHP you can use cURL to do multithreading.
    Multithreading is when we do more works in corresponding.
    It must first you know what is cURL ? more for php

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