I'm really stuck. What I'm trying to do is have a drop down list of courses for a given term. Below the 5 selection lists is 5 default images. When a course is chosen, I'd like the corresponding image to change to show that course's information. I don't want to write a function for each drop down, but have one function to handle all 5 changes.

This is the function that writes the selection list to the page...

function writeFall1() {
document.write('<select name="year1fall"' + year1FallCourses + ' onChange="stuff here>');
document.write('<option>Choose a course...</option>');
//start the filtering of all the CIS courses available for this term
for (i = 0; i < courseList.length; ++i) {
if ( courseList[i].f == "y" ) {
document.write('<option value=' + courseList[i].id + '>' + courseList[i].id + ' </option>');
document.write(courseList[i].id + " " + courseList[i].title);
document.write('</select> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;');
//increase this variable so that each selection box corresponds to one image field


This is the attempted image change function, just writing to the site to see what values i'm getting...

function changeImage(courseID, formID) {
document.write(courseID + " " + formID);

If it helps, the html for this...
<img name="year1fall1" src="images/default.jpg">
<img name="year1winter1" src="images/default.jpg">
<img name="year1spring1" src="images/default.jpg">
<img name="year2fall1" src="images/default.jpg">
<img name="year2winter1" src="images/default.jpg">
<img name="year2spring1" src="images/default.jpg">

... so those appear horizontally. Going down, its "year1fall2", "year1fall3" etc. to differentiate between the course selections.

It feels like i'm so close! Any help is much appreciated!