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Thread: How to create logins for clients

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    Question How to create logins for clients

    I'm creating a website for my friends company. I only took web design I a while ago, so the only reason i'm getting anywhere is because of dreamwever. but anways he's asking me if it would be possible to create log in screens for his clients to log on to and be able to retrieve their building plans (hes and architect). i have absolutely no clue how to do that so could some1 kinda help me out? hes also using 1&1.com for his webspace, so is that even possible w/o him having his own private server in the office???

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    After looking through the services provided by 1and1.com - yes, there are no restrictions on creating this kind of service. From your own description of yourself, however, you aren't the person to build this, at least not in a timely manner.

    You'll need a fair knowledge of some server side language (PHP being all the rage, but it can be accomplish with others) and some sort of database. Your friend needs a developer who knows how to build this kind of stuff and can build it.....if you want to try, be prepared for a very steep learning curve.
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    ok ty anyways, after talking to my friend he decided to change his mind and now hes wondering if he could just send a s/n and pw to a client that requested a drawing which would allow access to a specific folder on his office server. SO now i have a completely different question, is there a way to do something like that? and if so wat website/program would the clients have to use to connect to the folder so that they can view their drawings???

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