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Thread: Adsense in iFrames: A good idea?

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    Adsense in Frames: A good idea?

    I just wanted to get some opinion into whethere frames usage to display only ads is a good idea, or will it have a negative impact on the site being indexed by search engines?

    I know that lot of new browsers are now preventing frames. Is there a way to get around this issue?

    I do not want to place ads on my site as it only disfigures the site layout.

    Secondly, If i do decide to introduce frames on top of my site pages, is it easy to link one frame to all pages on my site, i was ony asking as i have over 300 pages (HTML/CSS) and unfortunately it isn't a dynamic site.

    Please note that i use dreamweaver 8 and and consider my self a newbie if anything

    All comments are much appreciated
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    Google use iframes to display their ads already so there is nothing you need do to implement that. You certainly don't want to wrap their iframes in your own or you will end up with all public service ads as their context checking process will not see your actual page content to select appropriate ads.

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    Im sorry for mistyping frames as "iFrames" and Felgall, i appreciate your reply.

    just to be clear i meant not to write the js iFrames but HTML frames as you normallly see above nav bar or on the side of the site body

    I am still unsure about whether i only need one frame for the whole site or individual frames to display on all the pages?

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