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    html editor

    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently working on a single page template for my boss. We are going to hand it over to someone else who is going to use the template and add there content inside.

    Now for those who use it, may or may not be html or programming friendly. Are there any good resources out there that they can pop the file(s) into and edit it on their own?

    I guess something along the lines of Aloha editor, or dreamweaver (where they see the content and can just edit it themselves).

    The help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    One way to allow untrained input is to segregate the content from the formatting, so that plain text can be used as a source. This can be achieved using the PHP include command, with, or without, the HTML <PRE> tag. E.g.

    <?php include 'file.txt' ?>

    Will include the content of a text file called "file.txt" which is placed in the root directory of the site. The <PRE> tag causes the spaces and carriage returns to be presented instead of ignored.

    Note: The PHP include function is a server-side command, and is not supported by the browsers. To use PHP commands, the source file must use the file suffix ".php" instead of ".html". PHP may not be supported by some free hosting accounts.
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