Alright, this might start a flame war but it's not the intent. The intent is two fold, first I need a language that just seems evil or one that an evil individual would use to program in. And two is just for some fun jest.

Anyways, it's for a story I'm writing and in it there are some messed up programming going on. So far been tossing around ideas to use this is them and why:

Java: It's used greatly and is pretty easy to recognize. Some people find it to be written by Satan.

Python: Because it's unassuming, just don't trust it.

Perl: My favorite language.

Visual Basic: Pretty self explanatory.

C: Besides being pretty scary looking at times it's also efficient. Somehow always picture efficiency and evilness going hand in hand...

Lisp: Again, like Python Lisp just seems like a good natured language... underlined with evil...

So, please discuss.