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Thread: Godaddy.com ripping me off (again)

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    Godaddy.com ripping me off (again)

    Just got a $4.99 charge for business registration for a domain I cancelled about a year ago. It's not the first time this has happened either.

    Logged into my account to try and find a concise list of all the services I'm registered for but I gave up after getting lost in their maze of spam they call a website.

    Anyway if anyone can tell me how I can cancel the business registration I'd appreciate it.

    In fairness the last time they did refund me but It's nothing short of theft charging for a service that's no good unless you still own the domain it was registerd for in the first place.

    Beware anyone who's thinking of starting an account with them
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    It's only theft if they don't refund it. If they do then it's just ineptitude.

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