I need to develop either a script or if there is some type of software out there that already does this, well, I'd really appreciate any and all help.

Basically I need to run a web search, something like this for google works fine: http://code.google.com/apis/ajax/pla...rch#raw_search

So now I need a script that can take the output of this search feature and store it into a database... Which is why I picked php, I'm a bit familiar w/ php; I'd say I'm beginner-intermediate level. Is there any way to create some type of function that browses the text, grabs a certain 'div' or something, and then updates a database? Or is there already something available? Updating a database is no problem, I do that all the time for small CMS systems, but it's the grabbing of the data that I'm having a challenge with.

I don't really have an idea on where to start for this, so I figured I'd post a thread and hopefully someone can help save me some time. Thanks in advance and I really appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.