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Thread: HTML menu with php include

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    HTML menu with php include

    I think you guys will understand this best if you take a look at this page:


    This site does not use php but I would like to change to that. But I have a question regarding the navigation menu. You see that the current link is highlighted with a gray background and the "sub"-tree that belongs to that category is visible. How can I achieve that effect with php? I need to have the complete menu in HTML but then control which categories should be visible/hidden depending on which page the user looks at.

    If you don't understand please reply and I'll explain more in detail.

    Thanks for help!

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    just rely on $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] part of information. It will tell you current location of your visitor, within your document.

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    Ok, thanks. I've looked at $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] but can you maybe clarify a bit more in detail how to do what I want?

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