let me preface this question with a "i am a designer, not a programer" disclaimer :-) i could be doing something really dumb.

the website i'm attempting to install lightbox 2 on is here:

i want the site to work just like the site i installed lightbox 2 on over a year ago:

i swear i've tried everything. using a slightly newer lightbox install... and even downloading the EXACT code that is working on tracyapps.org and uploading it to tracyappsdesign.com and it still not working.

also in inspecting the page load of http://tracyappsdesign.com/design-samples/ i get the following errors:

script.aculo.us requires the Prototype JavaScript framework >= 1.6.0
2prototype.js:4071TypeError: Result of expression 'element.dispatchEvent' [undefined] is not a function.
design-samples:48ReferenceError: Can't find variable: initLightbox
(and i checked my prototype.js... it's version which last time i checked is greater than or equal to 1.6.0...)