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Thread: How to forward traffic to new web page?

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    Question How to forward traffic to new web page?

    Nearly a decade ago I set up a free web page for my chronic fatigue syndrome support with GeoCities (long since gobbled up by Yahoo!).

    The page turns up first in Google when you search for the string CFS+Support+Group+Seattle.

    A while ago I got an email from Yahoo saying they will soon be terminating their free web hosting, so I'm going to have to set up a page on a new free host.

    Since my old page is already indexed in Google, it would be nice if people who try to visit the old page could be automatically forwarded to the new page.

    Would I have to maintain a paid account with Yahoo! in order to have traffic re-directed to my new page?

    Will in Seattle
    a.k.a. "Clueless"

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    Did your page have a geocities/yahoo URL, or did you purchase a domain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDLA View Post
    Did your page have a geocities/yahoo URL, or did you purchase a domain?
    I'm afraid all I have is the geocities/yahoo URL:


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    Rough stuff. You can't do any kind of redirection without access to DNS, apache config, or the docroot (your HTML, etc.).

    My suggestion, shell out for the first three months (the discounted months), and remind your visitors to update their bookmarks. Your new site will be indexed and receive a tad of an initial traffic boost from the links point in from geocities. When the geocities account dies, you can probably expect the replacement site to be in about the same rank as the old one, presuming it's the same content and all referring sites have update their links.

    Good luck.
    Jon Wire

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