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Thread: Images don't show in IE, they do in FF (Dreamweaver Mac)

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    Images don't show in IE, they do in FF (Dreamweaver Mac)

    Hello everyone,

    My sister's website which she built in Dreamweaver for Mac does not load certain images in IE7, but they do appear in FF and Safari.


    The second image titled "paintfin" will not show up if you are using IE. There are many other examples if you go down the page.

    If you go to directly to the image source:


    It doesn't show up either! But everything is perfect on FF and Safari.

    Please help me troubleshoot, thanks.

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    When she exported these as .jpg files, did she do so in RGB or CMYK format? They have to be in RGB to be displayed by the browser.

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    Thanks KDLA. Right after you posted I get a message from my sister telling me she figured out that the images need to be in RGB. But you are correct, thanks for the post.

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