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    Website Protection Qurstions

    How can I keep people from stealing my site? Is there a script or code that I can use to make it so they can't rip it?
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    Since browsers work by copying everything to the local computer before displaying the web page the only way to stop people copying your content is to not put it on the web.

    To prevent people making illegal copies of your web content you threaten to take them to court for breach of copyright. If they then don't delete the stolen content when you ask them to you take them to court.

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    If talking about client side that is one matter but server sides can be protected behind firewalls and security programs. Client cant see your server side code so you should be safe if your servers are well protected.

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    There are things you can do to make it significantly more difficult, of course. For example, you can encrypt/encode your content and wrap it in a JavaScript object which can be unwrapped and decrypted/decoded using another script. You could even encode your encryption algorithm(s) and load *those* asynchronously across multiple pseudo-overlapping files and so on ...

    You're pages will be a much bigger pain in the arse to steal that way. However, if you go this route, it will not be impossible and it will not be indexable by search engines.

    OR ...

    You could just deal with the fact that nothing you create is truly original anyway ... Seriously. And if it were truly original, you owe it to the rest of us to share it anyway
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