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Thread: How to create event when AutoSuggest should set <select> element

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    Question How to create event when AutoSuggest should set <select> element

    i have an autosuggest event to display data to input field like this

    HTML Code:
    function display_sn(sn_code, nation_name, supp_desc, sStartDate, sEndDate){
    	document.getElementById('nation_name').innerHTML = nation_name;
    	document.getElementById('supp_desc').innerHTML = supp_desc;
    	document.getElementById('sStartDate').innerHTML = sStartDate;
    	document.getElementById('sEndDate').innerHTML = sEndDate;
    	document.getElementById('sn_code').value = sn_code;
    	document.getElementById('box_sn').style.display = 'none';
    and i would like to set an <select> element to add onChange properties like this
    HTML Code:
    onChange="document.getElementById('row_pop_date').style.visibility = 'visible'; document.getElementById('row_upload_pop').style.visibility = 'visible';"
    so, when i clicked on my autosuggest, the select would be like this
    HTML Code:
    <select name="warranty_flag" onChange="document.getElementById('row_pop_date').style.visibility = 'visible'; document.getElementById('row_upload_pop').style.visibility = 'visible';">
    so how the command from that function to set onChange parameter at <select>

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    does anyone know what the solution ?

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