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Thread: Dynamic Checkbox Validation

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    Dynamic Checkbox Validation

    I'm having a problem validating whether at least one checkbox is checked in the following situation.

    I have a site that creates a checkbox for each row in a mySql database, and allows the user to check it, then hit a submit button and delete all of the checked boxes. The code that generates each row and the checkbox is here:

          <?php while ($row_info = mysql_fetch_assoc($info)) { ?>
              <td align="center"><?php echo $row_info['item']; ?></td>
              <td align="center"><?php echo $row_info['first_name'];?></td>
              <td align="center"><input type='checkbox' name='checkbox[]' id='checkbox[]' value='<?php echo $row_info['id']; ?>'></td>
            <?php  } ?>
    Any help on how I can validate whether at least one checkbox is selected would be great.

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    You could give the ids of the checkboxes some standard name and append a counter to it.
    (ie Box_0, Box_1, Box_2,...., Box_N)

    Then you could do something like....

    for (var x=0, myBox=document.getElementById('Box_' + x); myBox; x++, myBox=document.getElementById('Box_' + x))  {     //will loop through all boxes
         var isChecked = false;
         if (myBox.checked)  {     //found a checked box, so exit out of loop
    Not sure the code is actually valid, but you get the idea.

    Or if they are the only checkboxes on the page, you could get all the checkboxes in an array and do the same thing.

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