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Thread: Input Box in a Graphic?

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    Input Box in a Graphic?

    FYI. Also posted in HTML as I wasn't sure which area was best.

    I'm a bit new so.....

    I need to create a form input field in the middle of a graphic. I'm not sure how to do this (separate top, bottoms sides etc)?

    I don't have a great example but look at the top search field in www.yahoo.com .

    The input field is surrounded by a graphic? Or let's say it is.

    Thanks in advance,

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    There's several ways I can think of:

    Multiple images as you said (not ideal).

    Relative/absolute positioning to move the input over the image (or vice-versa) (means the image is properly IN the page for layout).

    Background image on the input's container element (what Yahoo have done).

    The second two would use CSS, the first not really.

    Handy hint: With web pages, if you know of an example page, such as your Yahoo example, which does an effect you want, have a look at their code (as it can't be hidden) and see how they do it.

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    Hi Y-Less,
    Thanks! I like the background image idea. I didn't think of that one.

    I'm not too adept at relative/absolute positioning (I learnd HTML from an older tables guy) but I think I'll experiement with that too.


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