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Thread: How to allow users to customize what they see!!!

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    How to allow users to customize what they see!!!

    Hey guys,
    I'm fairly new but I've built websites (html&php) and worked with databases (mysql) but i have absolutely no idea where to even begin with this new task i have. I would like the user to check what services they want to see and click submit. Then they get to see the services and the information related to them with links and everything. How can I go about to do this.
    Please help!!

    Thank you,
    Andi Kasapi

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    Probably need more clarifcation. Do you want something like a WebLogic portal or any portal where each user can customized which portlet they want to use and view?
    Or you doing this from scratch? If you dont have a container tool to create this app I would set up database to store user info and use your server side for your model and controller.

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