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Thread: Webpage statistics (hits etc)

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    Webpage statistics (hits etc)


    Can anyone suggest something to keep the statistics of my website on record?

    am looking for something that is invisable to the user and only visible to me, oh and pref free


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    I suggest using Google Analytics. The only real drawbacks are that it only records users with JavaScript enabled, and the code must be placed on every page you want to log. It can be used to log file downloads and so forth, but it's somewhat complicated to do so.

    However, even considering the negatives above, I definitely prefer Analytics to other stats packages. It provides elegant, beautiful, and flexible analysis of traffic. You can even create custom reports of various sorts, slicing and dicing your data in any number of ways on any number of fields ... very cool.

    Alternatively, if you're looking for something server-side that just analyzes apache's log files, check out AWStats.

    There you have it: two popular free options.
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    Many thanks

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