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    Question Help! How could I do this?

    Hello, I need a program that could search a database and add up values on that database when typed into a searchbar. For example:

    animal / fun / manitenence / "affection return"
    dog / __ 6 / ______ 5 / ______ 7
    cat /___ 4 /______ 4 /______ 5
    fish / __ 1 /______ 1 /______ 0

    in a seach bar (live & predictive), one could add dog & cat to a list, select which charteristic they would like to study, then the program would add up the values. So if looking at "fun" for a dog and a fish, the value given would be 7 (6+1).

    The database will be hundreds of cells big however. I would like to have this program run in a webbrowser. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of programming skills, and do not know how I should approach this (use already existing software/freeware/openware, or use html/javascript). If you can suggest anything I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Sounds like all server side work. View an intro server/db book with a fetch data script. After you get that working then do the math part.

    Quick example to get you in right direction using java:
    String query = "SELECT FUN FROM YOURTABLE WHERE ANIMAL = 'dog' or ANIMAL = 'fish'";
        try {
          while (resultset.next()) {
            //get values
          //add/math part. 
    Probably better to create method to do the math part.

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