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Thread: [RESOLVED] hiding elements with onclick & id.style.display='none' - not working in FF

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    resolved [RESOLVED] hiding elements with onclick & id.style.display='none' - not working in FF

    what i'm trying to do is hiding certain divs based on what language the user clicks on. the method i use atm only works for IE, Opera and Safari; but with Firefox i get a ' is undefined' error...

    all help is welcome, below are some code snippets:

    this is html part on top of my page, where users choose the language they want. below this part will be the divs with id's contentNL and contentENG
    <h5 id="lang">
    <a href="#" onclick="contentENG.style.display='none';contentNL.style.display='block'; " name="eng">NL</a> :: 
    <a href="#" onclick="contentNL.style.display='none';contentENG.style.display='block';" name="nl">ENG</a>
    these are the short versions of the divs below the previous code:
    <div id="contentNL" name="contentNL">
    <div id="contentENG" name="contentENG">

    I really have no clue why Firefox gives these errors:
    "contentENG is undefined" / "contentNL is undefined"

    all help is very much appreciated

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    firefox does not make element ids global identifiers.


    This will work as well in the other browsers.
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    You're right, this works perfectly!

    Thank you very much

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