Hi, I'm trying to design a simple website. The site is located here: www.lashextensions.ie/testing.htm The problem I'm having is that I want two images to pop-up when the user clicks another image.

Here is the problematic code:
<img src = "images/clients.gif" onclick = "showClient()" class = "moveclients"/>
			<img src = "images/training.gif" onclick = "showClient()" class = "movetraining"/>
			<script type="text/javascript">
					var x = 0;
					function showClient(){
						x = 1;
					if (x == 1){
						document.write("<img src = \"images/java.gif\"  class = \"movejava\"/>\n<img src = \"images/nojava.gif\"  class = \"movenojava\"/>");	
I know this is wrong but could someone give me correct code? I'm only a newbie in JavaScript but I have coded in languages such as Java and C++