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Thread: How to display link and use it ?

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    How to display link and use it ?

    I have following code in jsp file
        <div id="image_1" style="position: absolute;  left:2px; width: 300px; z-index: 0;">
    	<a id="image_link_1" href="<%=link_url%>" target="<%=link_target%>">
    		<img id="Img1"   src="<%=image_src%>" height="190px" alt=""/>		
    <% } 
    In this code url for the link and target (_self or _blank) are obtained dynamically. When I implementy this code, I can only see the image which is obtained as a result of <img id="Img1" src="<%=image_src%>" height="190px" alt=""/>. I dont get the linkanywhere on or around the image. How can I see and use the link in here ?

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    One thing to verify is link_url is not empty. I have had problems in the past with links if href="".

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