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Thread: Submit onload without redirect

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    Submit onload without redirect

    Is there a way that I could click submit on a page, passing values to a second page, and then have that page submit it's values, on load, to a third page without redirecting to the third page? I hope you follow that...

    Currently I have a submit button on the second page, but I'd like to bypass that step. Makes things simpler.

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    Perhaps using the onload event.

    I assume there is a <form> you are submitting.
    Give your form a name like...
    <form action="Page3.asp" method="post" id="MainForm" name="MainForm">
    Then use the onload event in the body tag like....
    <body onload="document.MainForm.submit();">
    You wouldn't even need to have a button on your 2nd page.
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    I don't see the point, but better would be
    <form action="Page3.asp" method="post" id="MainForm" name="MainForm">
    If this didn't submit automatically, please submit it.<submit></form>
    <script type="text/javascript">document.MainForm.submit();</script>
    Marginally faster, and with a backup.

    But as I say, I don't see the point, because the server side language you are using should do all that in one page. Have you a specific problem?

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    Well the page I'm submitting it to is a Java app that places the data into a DB2 database.(as far as I know). I don't have access to to this Java app to edit anything on the page it's getting submitted too. The problem is that this third page has no support for javascript. However, I need to display the results of my main app. (it's a survey application). My display page is completely dynamic, pulling data from an XML doc and creating a couple of tables, all using javascript.

    So I can't use the third page to display which doesn't support javascript. I have no clue why it doesn't, but copying and pasting the code from page two only display the javascript syntax on the 'thank you for taking survey' page.

    So I was thinking why not hit submit, the first page passes all data to the second, which passes all data to third while displaying the results, but not redirecting to the third page.

    Do you need an address in the 'action' field to submit?

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