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Thread: Sending HTML/CSS emails with MS outlook and outlook express

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    Sending HTML/CSS emails with MS outlook and outlook express


    I have created this simple html/css page as a newsletter and I'm trying to send it to my subscribers with MS outlook but the css is missing in the email I donno why. I even tried sending it with outlook express and still the css is not embed in the email. What can I do to attach the css into the html page? I even tried coping the css code inside style.css into the actual page but that didn't work either.

    If it's not possible to send html/css emails with outlook express what other software do you recommend for such a thing?

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    Support for CSS through HTML emails is wildly sporadic. You can get away with inline styles, but I would revert back to tables, and other poor coding habits to get your HTML email to work correctly.
    Ryan Butler

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