I'm having a problem with some of the images on a web page on a Mac based server.

The images partially download, then the small broken image icon appears and the image will disappear. The web host is indicating the problem is due to unmatched "td" tags. And also indicates that it's a browser issue.

There is nothing fancy about the coding and all of the coding was generated by Front Page in the normal mode. I'm using Front Page 2002.

The web site had been on I believe a Windows based server and worked without difficulty. The site owner recently wanted the site moved to a different host that is Mac based.

I've tested the same pages on two other servers, one Windows based, one Linux based and they work fine. I've viewed the pages on all 3 servers in both Netscape and IE and get the same results so I'm having trouble believing that it's a browser issue.

The site owner was aware when we made the move to the Mac based server we would lose some of the functions such as forms to e-mail that were based on the Front Page extensions.

Is this another issue that is related to lack of Front Page extensions on the server?

Is there some sort of compatability problem with Front Page sites and Mac based servers?

The web host is claiming there are almost 60 un matched "td" tags just on one page. Is there a fairly quick way of fixing them?

I tried taking one page and using the apply XML formatting rules to see if it helped but it didn't.

Any advise or suggestions would be gladly welcome.