Hi all,
I'm having a bit of a JavaScript problem that involves the page title being re-written in IE8 (I've tested in IE7 and that seems ok but haven't tested in IE6 yet, obviously FF is fine!). It adds/changes the page title after clicking on one fo the items in the sliding carousel and occasioanlly when you click on the video player. I am absolutely stuck as to why this is happening and wondered if anyone knew of a quirk in IE8 javascript rendering/execution that caused this. I'd be really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction please!

The dev page is here:
If you click on a few items in the carousel and play a few videos, you can see the page/browser title change to something like #panel1, #panel4 etc. This text is the href property from the anchors in the carousel - I can't seem to fnd a way of hiding it when not using the JS enhaced version (of an otherwise fully accessible page).
This is a dev page so a couple of images are missing here and there, but all the JS is in place.

I've deconstructed the page a couple of times already and can't seem to isolate a particular function that maybe implicated and I've tried debugging with the IE developer tools (keeps making my browser crash!). I'm using a lot of the new BBC Glow JavaScript libraries in addition to the iPlayer/Media Player stuff with the JavaScript API. I'm also developing on Win7 if that should make any difference.
Many thanks in advance.