Hello everyone.

I have a question about choosing a CMS, and have a particular thing that I would like out of it.

I've had a look at Wordpress and Drupal (in their basic forms), and when you post a new article/page you get to put in the title and the body text and that's it (apart from tags and stuff).

What I'm after is a CMS that allows me to create custom templates for my posts that I can use to add more detail to the post than just the title & body text fields. For example, the site I've got at the moment is about bands, so I'd like to be able to have title, text, record label, myspace, band website, Albums, picture fields and maybe a space for an image gallery. Elsewhere, I'd like a 'venue' template that has its own custom fields that I can fill in and post and so on.

So I guess it's a bit like an item on Amazon, where you get the title, author, price, picture, add-to-cart button and all the reviews, all linked together and retrieved from a database etc (except I'm not making a shop).

The CMS would have to use MySQL and hopefully be free...

Anyone think this is possible, or am I asking for a miracle?

Thanks for your time.