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Thread: Add arrow to scroll down page

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    Add arrow to scroll down page

    Hey guys

    I have content that runs off the page (nothing new here!) but when it does so teh footer image sits ontop of it, its a nice effect but if people do not notice the scroll bar they may not realise they can scroll down. ( so the cleint says! )

    Anyway what i would like to do is add a little arrow to the right handside of content when their is a need for a scroll bar, and on clicking the arrow it could simply scroll the page down much like they had dragged the scroll bar itself. With me?

    So again simply all i need is an arrow to accompany a browser scroll bar when its used, and on clicking it say moves the page down 100 pixels or so.

    I am happy to use JS for this as its only an UI assit tool, so no JS enabled is not a big loss as they do still have the browser scroll bar anyway.

    thanks for any info or suggestions on this, for some reason I can not think this morning.

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    or some such

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