Hi guys! My first post in this forum (hope there will be many to come! )

I registered because I want to learn more about this, and I'm wondering if anyone can help out with a question I have:

I'm going to design for a basic real estate site, with a simple database (list) of properties and its characteristics (for sale, rent, price, area, furnished, studio apt, 2 br, 3 br, etc), a search function (to search by price range, area range, category, type etc), and of course, a back-end for the client to easily add/remove/manage property entries.

I want also the option to mail out warnings to a mailing list, everytime an item is added. And I want the possibility to have 2 of the databases, because the site will be translated in 2 languages.

I talked to developers who gave me $2000+ options to buy PHP scripts and do really complex stuff. I don't think the company is aiming for a $5000+ budget (which is how much the site would cost at least, if I was to spend $2000+ in an expensive script).

What I want to do is fairly simple. Isn't there a way to do it through a simple CMS, instead of scripts? Maybe a wordpress plugin that enables people to manage/search/list from a database, and everytime an item is added, creates a new blog post that can be mailed in the mailing list through feedburner? I know that's not ideal - but I'm looking for a simple, cheap solution