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Thread: can a spambot post even if banned

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    can a spambot post even if banned

    Background info:
    I just started a forum and decided to allow spam as long as it was "good quality" spam.
    Here is a link to the sticky post telling what I consider to be "good quality" spam:


    I figured junk traffic is better than no traffic.

    There is one spambot that is really persistent. It is for a Russian porno site. I banned it but it seems to keep attacking. If I unban it for a minute, I get a bunch of posts. Everyday I see one or two posts in the moderator queue even though it is banned. Is it doing a continuous attack? Can some posts slip through phpBB even if it is banned? I checked the whois and sent a complaint to the e-mail address given. I haven't heard anything back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by balsa8 View Post
    ..."good quality" spam...
    Now there's a term I haven't heard before. Spambots generally only have one mission in life and that's to inject as many links for their sites as possible. Complaining to a Russian ISP tends to be pretty much useless - many times the ISP is also the one doing the spamming.

    As to banning the bot, it depends on how your software does it and whether you have the capability of banning it at the server level. If the link provided is to your site, it appears that you have the ability to use .htaccess; if so you may want to look at adding a few deny statements to block the entire IP range of the bot (a whois query on the bot's IP will generally tell you what block of addresses belong to the company).
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