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Thread: Big time newb and I need help on Forums/Registration

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    Big time newb and I need help on Forums/Registration

    Ok I am a big time newb. I have been making this webpage and I was getting bored so I wanted to make a forum page. Now when I went to build one with frontpage 2002 I found that it would be best if I had a registration page.

    I have been trying to make a registration page but i have been unsuccessful. Frontpage wants me to make a .asp registration. My host does not support asp. Now I have been searching around and I found that people have php in there forums and registrations.

    I did a small amount of on php and I did not quite understand the matter. If someone could help me out that would be great.

    How come whenever I am in a forum page on any site it looks exactly the same as any other. Is there some kind of forum make or something?

    Help on my problems would be great, but what would be even better is html code that has samples of what I am talking about to help me out on the matter.

    Please Help Me Someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Well if you look at the fineprint at the bottom of this page it says:
    Powered by: vBulletin Version 2.2.8

    So you might want to check out www.vbulletin.com as this IS a pretty popular type of forum.
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    yeah it's not a good idea to post topics in multiple forums - most people who come here will look at a variety of them, and it's a bit of a pain when you spend quite a while answering it in one forum to find that someone else has answered it in another.

    That said, check out my answer to your other post (i think it was in the general forum).

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