Hi all,

First time poster here, and very much a beginner at this whole asp/xml/xsl thing.

I've been running through tutorials kindly submited here

I've currently implemented an external xml file into a html table using javascript. The table has clickable rows that set the particular row to a className of "selected".

Thus using javascript i can isolate the row index number of the selected table using selectedRow.id (selectedRow is a variable used to store the selected row).

I was wondering is it possible to have an asp file such as rolodex6.asp mentioned in the tutorial, and refer it to open say an editdetail.xsl using the javascript variable selectedRow?

Bear in mind my xml file is pretty basic:

<applicants><applicant><applicant child nodes></applicant></applicants>

Can i use Request.Form("applicant").nodeIndex to match up selectedRow.id?

Thanks for your time!