Hi All,
Having some weirdness when I try to drag a movieClip that contains a dynamic text box. I set up this pretty spiffy (if I do say so myself) color dragger system to dynamically change the color of something. This is just a piece of it, but you'll see when I mean:


When you drag the orange slider across the thumbnails of chips, it will dynamically change the area above the color bar to that color and display the color name in the same area. The problem is that I would also like the name to display in the black info area below the orange slider as it moves along the colors while dragging. But as you can see, the black info box only displays the color name that you pick it up on and then the one that you drop it on. The code to display it above the color bar and in the black info box below the slider is identical, but for some reason, it won't display in the info box while dragging.

It's possible that the code I used to get the info box to follow the slider is doing it, but I don't know an effective other way to do it, considering you can't drag two items at once. Here's the work around that I came up with (on the info box movieClip itself). There's more to it, but here's how I made it follow:
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
     if (_root.dragging) {
         this._x = _root.sliderDragger._x;
Does anybody have any bright ideas as to why this is happening or an effective workaround that I could try? Thanks in advance!