To Anyone Willing To Help,
I am very new to Javascript and am looking for two things. First is, what application should I program Javascript in (I've heard Eclipse is the best). Secondly, could somebody show me how to write out a simple process that does the three things.

First, it opens a URL. Waits a certain amount of time and then closes the webpage (if there's anyway to close the webpage after a certain amount of inactivity, that would be an option as well. Similarly, I plan to run an iMacro (an add-on in Firefox) in the webpage, so if somebody knows how to close the browser or page once the iMacro complete, that would be ideal). Finally, I want this entire process to repeat itself every certain amount of time, so lets say 10 minutes. So, to sum up, the code opens the URL, waits for the iMacro to complete, then closes the URL, and repeats every certain interval of time.

I plan to learn from this code so if it could be as elegant, efficient, and clean as possible it would be greatly appreciated (better to learn it right and not pick up any bad habits). Furthermore, if you can't code the entire process, but know how to code part of it, please post that part with an explanation of what the code will do; I can still learn from it, and maybe somebody else reading the thread could build upon it.

Thank you,